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Tom Whitlock is a lifelong resident of Long Beach. He came to live at the Senasac House after both of his parents passed away, his mother in February 2010, and soon after, his father in May 2011. Tom is low functioning and has some physical limitations. He requires continuous supervision and is not able to live alone. As he puts it, "I need someone to take care of me". Discussions regarding Tom's care began after the decline in his father's health. Tom emphatically stated that he wanted to stay in Long Beach. Although his two sisters and brother were willing to care for him, it became clear that the only real option for Tom was Senasac House. Tom knew the staff and residents after spending brief periods of time in Agape's respite care. Senasac provided a warm, caring and familiar home environment where Tom could transition very easily after almost fifty years of living with his family. On May 15, 2011, Tom moved to the Senasac House, ironically, the same day his father passed away from cancer. What could have been a catastrophic time in Tom's life, with the help of Senasac Staff, has become a time of happiness.

Tom is extremely social, takes part in a variety of activities and enjoys being around people. For decades Tom has been involved with the Special Olympics participating in such sports as bowling, bocce, track and swimming. And he is very dedicated to his job at Hillside, never wanting to miss a day of work. He has made it clear to his family that he really can't spend too much time "out of town" because he can't miss work. Tom's life at Senasac House has provided the companionship and social interaction he thrives on. Tom's family will be forever grateful to Agape Christian Homes.







Phyllis Hearn is a treasure to Agape Christian Homes. Phyllis was our first resident when Agape opened its doors in 1993. What is so amazing about Phyllis is her demeanor, she is always pleasant with a big smile on her face. Phyllis has maintained employment at the Advocacy for Respect and Choice-Long Beach (ARC-Long Beach) and Hillside enterprises for close to 50 years. She spends much of her free time working on embroidering pillow cases and other decorative items. Phyllis learned the art of embroidering from her mother who was looking for something to keep her occupied as a teenager. Well, many years later, she is still making beautiful works of art. If you have not had the chance, please come see some of her work, and maybe purchase one of her gorgeously embroidered pillow cases. You can also donate thread, pillow cases and embroidery patterns for Phyllis to continue her projects. Phyllis also has other hobbies, she likes to complete word search puzzles.

Phyllis is a beacon of light to Agape and a constant reminder of where we began and why we do the work we do. We are so grateful to Phyllis and her family for being such an integral part of the success of Agape Christian Homes.


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